About Cardinal


Cardinal Travel Agency LLC, is a full-service agency focused on building personalized travel itinerates to provide highly satisfying and unique travel experiences. Our primary focus is upon couples wishing to unwind, reconnect, and experience the world. Since vacations often represent both an emotional and financial investment, we believe they should result in incredible memories lasting a lifetime.


Hello!  My name is Candace, and I am the owner of Cardinal Travel Agency LLC.

My passion for travel dates back to my childhood when my parents piled all 6 kids into the back of a station wagon for a road trip. I loved the adventure of visiting new places and learning about different cultures.

After college and completing travel school, I began my first job as a travel consultant. It was inspiring to help others explore the world.

A couple of years later, I was able to experience more worldwide travel when I became a flight attendant. Visiting Japan, Korea, and Ireland awakened an even deeper desire to explore distant lands.

Once marriage and kids were on the horizon, I made the difficult decision to leave my first love, the travel industry, for a career in education. But, still being devoted to travel, I researched and planned numerous personal vacations over those years and just couldn't shake that "travel bug."

Now, as an agency owner and travel consultant, I research, plan, and book my own trips, and I have the privilege of helping others.

I love being able to curate personalized itineraries to assist travelers in enjoying their perfect vacation destination and exploring all this beautiful world has to offer.

Why "Cardinal" as a name for a travel agency?

    The use of Cardinal as our name came about for two reasons:  

    • The first reason is because of the positive and uplifting feeling a cardinal inspires….. Who doesn't smile and feel positive when spying a cardinal?  Usually, people say something like, "Look a cardinal!"  and everyone stops, looks, and exclaims over how pretty it is or what a beautiful sound it makes. So, since we believe in positivity and the use of travel to make the world a better place, "Cardinal" was perfect.
    • The second reason is the connection to the person who inspired me to love traveling…... While trying to decide upon a name for my agency, I kept seeing cardinals and decided to add "Cardinal" to my list of possible names. I had one day to finalize the name before submitting the LLC paperwork. That morning, a cardinal chirped at me from a nearby tree. I couldn't help but believe it was a sign from my mom, who has passed from this world, to choose "Cardinal" as the name for my agency. Her love of planning and taking vacations were inspirational in my career choice, and seeing a cardinal always brings back my strongest memories of her.